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A Day Exploring

April 15, 2021

On or last day in the marina at Great Harbor Cay we went exploring by dinghy. We had read about an airplane wreck a few miles north of us off the south end of Cistern Cay. The cruising guides say that Cistern was owned by drug runners in the 70s and that the plane was a casualty of their operation. We found part of the wreck without much trouble thanks to it being marked pretty accurately on the charts. When we arrived, the water was so calm that you could see the small reef fish swimming around the wing and engine. I got in the water with my mask and snorkel and proceeded to explore the wreck.

I was only in the water a few minutes when Janet, who was still in the dinghy, exclaimed that there was a large barracuda following me. Barracuda don't normally bother me but this fellow was at least three feet long so I chickened out and made my way back to the dinghy and out of the water. We spent the remainder of the time looking at the fish from the dinghy whilst the barracuda kept and eye on us.

The breeze eventually picked up a bit making it difficult to see through to the wreck, so we pulled up the anchor and headed to a nearby beach to just vegetate.

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