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Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

May 10, 2021

Shroud Cay (mentioned in my last post), was just our first of four stops in the park. After we left Shroud, we stopped at Hawksbill Cay for a few nights before we proceeded to Warderwick Wells where we were fortunate to get a mooring in the coveted north mooring field. This place was great for several reasons. First, it is the park HQ so we were able to get lots of questions answered and purchase the requisite t-shirt! Second, is the scenery. The mooring field is essentially an oval mostly surrounded by land and most of the oval is very shallow water except for this strip of deep water in the shape of the letter J through the oval. In the photo below you can see the shallow water to the left and right and the deep water (deep blue color) in the middle. You must give the park office an accurate length for your vessel as not all moorings are the same. For example, while there was plenty of water between us and the sandbar, the people on the catamaran behind us could literally step off their boat onto the sand bar! It was a pretty cool site.

We spent three days at Warderick Wells enjoying the scenery and taking hikes. On of the hikes was to a place called Boo Boo hill where traditionally people have left their boat names on it as homage to some spirit or something or another. if you look really close at the photo below, you can see Together in the background.

Next to all the signs there was a bench dedicated to a park volunteer that provided some respite and let us relax and enjoy the scenery. The curly tailed lizard in the photo below thought he owned the bench so we moved on to continue hiking the island.

Upon leaving the north mooring field at Warderick Wells, we headed to Cambridge Cay, our last stop in the park. I'll cover Cambridge in my next post.

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