• larrypolster99

Our First Exploration

Well rested from a good nights sleep after the overnight trip in, we embarked on our first outing to find the Beach Club, a noted food establishment, well, on the beach. About a 15 minute walk from the marina there was a well marked entrance to the beach. Over a small dune and we were there. We and only we. Looking two miles to the south and three miles to the north, we had the place to ourselves with the exception of one boat at anchor. Simply idyllic!

We walked about 15 minutes south down the beach in search of the Beach Club. As I was remarking to myself about this unique house where the house was small and the outdoor areas were huge, I spied the commercial exhaust fan on the roof of what I thought was a house. We had found the Beach Club. When we sat down, we were the only people there. We each ordered an omelet and grits which were out of this world. During the hour plus we were there, the only other party that came in were the people at anchor in the bay. We enjoyed our semi-private restaurant so much that we'll probably be back for lunch at some point.

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