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Paradise Found

April 29, 2021

We've been at Highbourne Cay for several days now and I've been struggling with what to write about this place - more like where to begin. This place is paradise. An echo friendly paradise and we love it here.

For starters, Highbourne is a privately owned island with a marina for about 20 boats and six houses for rent. There are no private homes on the island, so with just six rentals (starting at $800 per night) and the marina, there just aren't that many people on this island.

The only way to get to Highbourne is by boat or chartered seaplane.

There are at least six beaches, the longest of which is the east beach which is nearly two miles long. We've been to this beach three times and only once did we see another person.

Our favorite beach is aptly named Horseshoe beach. There is a small bar there, several Adirondack chairs and umbrellas, and a few cabanas.

The owners of the island have created several interesting sites along the island to visit and explore. The large fish cleaning station has become home to a few dozen nurse sharks along with a few bull sharks. Inland, there is a small farm area where they have goats, quail and chickens. The quail and chicken eggs are sold in the store and the manure from all the animals is used to fertilize the myriad of palm trees that have been planted along the roads and paths of the island.

On the topic of reuse, they recently installed a 1.1 megawatt solar farm (1,000 times that of Together) that has the capacity to power the entire island during the day and even into the night due to the huge battery system they installed. They save 3.3 million pounds of CO2 emissions with this system. The island also recycles aluminum cans and glass. The recycling company actually pays the island for the product and the island donates the funds to charity. A win for all.

We'll definitely be back.

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