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Shark Creek

April 16, 2021

After a week of exploring Great Harbor Cay whilst staying at the marina, the winds finally shifted so we could anchor on the east side of the island opposite some of the great beaches we had previously explored. As the crow flies, our destination was only one mile, but it was an 18 mile trip up and around the top of Great Harbor Cay and several smaller Islands and back down to the bay at Sugar Beach. Its called Sugar Beach because the sand is fine line grains of sugar. Upon arrival, we found that several other boats had the same idea as we did, however since the bay is approximately 3 miles across and almost a mile from the “entrance” to the beach, we had no trouble finding a spot all our own. We put the dingy in the water and went to explore Shark Creek which is at the southern end of Sugar beach. Shark creek connects the ocean with the western banks via mangroves and so provides a habitat for all sorts of wildlife. While nurse sharks are frequently sighted, we did not see a single one. However, we saw too many rays and turtles to count. As we drifted through the creek it was funny to see a turtle suddenly become aware of our presence and high tail it away from us. I had no idea that sea turtles could swim that fast! My big regret for the day is that I did not bring my snorkel gear with us so I could get in the water and perhaps get some better photos. Note to self, from now on we will carry the gear wherever we go in the dinghy.

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