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Spelunking and King of the Hill


Today we decided we would take a bike ride north on the island to see the caves that are right on the beach. The plan was to pack a lunch and borrow the marina beach cruiser bikes and head up to the caves. We were finally ready about 10AM but there were no bikes, so we headed back to Together to grab our own bikes that were still safely stored on the boat deck - so safely that I am embarrassed to say, they had not left the boat deck since sometime in December when we were in Jensen Beach.

I uncovered the bikes and to no surprise, all the tires needed air, but the front tire on Janet's bike looked exceedingly low. We took the bikes down to the dock and I pulled out our bicycle pump and proceed to pump up her front tire, but I was not making progress. We had a leak. That's ok, we had a spare tube which I proceeded to install. I pumped up both her tires but felt something wasn't just right with the pump. After her bike, I proceeded to try and fully inflate my tires and then there was this "wooshing" sound and my tire went flat. The pump had broken and let out all of the remaining air. Now what? No problem, I'll borrow the marina's bike pump but no, the pump was for a different type of tire valve. After scouring the boat, Janet came to the rescue with a small pump that worked on my tires. Its really used just for topping off the tires, but I proceeded to try and pump them up anyhow. After a few minutes, I realized that it was a futile effort and that IF I would be successful in getting the tires fully inflated, I would be too tired to ride. It was then that it dawned on me that we had a small compressor onboard to inflate the fenders. I had the correct adapter for my tires and bingo, in 30 seconds the tire was inflated. Four hours after the adventure began, we were finally off!

And I thought the Bahamas were all flat. We had previously cruised the Abacos and the roads were flat, but not so on Great Harbor Cay. We hit our first hill just outside the marina. We knew it was there since we had walked out that way the day before, but on a bicycle it was a whole new world. Three miles later, we hit another hill. Not that we are talking about mountains here, but a few hundred feet elevation change was a challenge for us. Another mile or so down the road we were finally there and boy was it worth it as you can see in the images below.

Looking from inside the cave, out.

From my position on the rock at the mouth of the cave.

A short video from the same position.

Looking down on the cave from above.

And then there was the King (really Queen) of the hill. Is someone happy with the day's adventure.

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