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Swimming Inside an Aquarium

May 14, 2021

When our daughter was little I loved taking her to the Baltimore Aquarium. Yes, it was a nice father daughter thing to do, but selfishly I wanted to go because I loved watching all the fish in the large tanks. Special SCUBA certified guests were invited to swim in those tanks - oh how I longed to do that. I had been snorkeling before, but there was not the plethora of fish as there were in Baltimore. That is, not until we snorkeled off Obrien Cay at the "Sea Aquarium" last week. I could not believe my eyes when I entered the water. Hundreds if not thousands of fish (I gave up counting at over 200 fish in the first photo), and they did not scatter when you approached. I need to get better at identifying fish, but I know we saw Sargent Majors, Parrot Fish, and Angel Fish. From now on, our snorkeling trips are going to be measured by the Sea Aquarium.

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