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Here We Go!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Yesterday we made the trip from our winter home in Marathon up to Miami. While we certainly could have gone non-stop from Marathon to the Bahamas, due to COVID, there is a special medical visa that requires a test with negative results be uploaded to their site and approved by them before being allowed to travel. Its a multi-day process that started on Saturday with a "drive-up" COVID test at the local Walgreens in Marathon. I put drive-up in quotes as we did not have a car and walked to the two miles to Walgreens and then stood at the drive-up window and self-administered the test. We knew we did it right as we sneezed coughed and our eyes watered. All good signs said the pharmacist!

It takes up to 24 hours for the test results once the lab receives the specimen, however because we took the test on Saturday, the specimen would not get to the lab until Monday. Normally we would not care, but part of the requirement for the Bahamian health visa is that you have a negative test that was administered within five days of your arrival in the Bahamas. With the test taken on Saturday, that means we need to arrive by Thursday and it essentially takes two days to get there. To further complicate matters we needed the results in hand before we left Florida as we needed to upload the results to a website AND have confirmation from the website that we were good to go. So we left Marathon on Monday eagerly awaiting our test results which we received in the afternoon. Late Monday afternoon we uploaded the results to the website and this morning (after paying a $60 fee), we received clearance to travel. So tonight we leave our anchorage behind Key Biscayne and head across the Gulf Stream to the Berry Islands.

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